New Site + iPad Pro 10.5: A Year-In Review

So for the past year I’ve been trying to launch a “review” YouTube page that would feature reviews and opinions about random things. From tech stuff, movies, food, baby clothes, services – anything and everything of interest basically. In a span of a few months, I’ve shot a bunch of footage for new gadgets that I have, wrote down notes to eventually record for a voiceover, even make a little custom music track to spice things up a bit. Still, even as a person whose main job is in entertainment and production, I felt like making a YouTube channel is a different beast and takes too much work for my schedule. I have no problems with making graphics, or editing whatsoever, but a YouTube channel is no joke. I also hate how my voice sounds which is a big deal I guess if you’re doing lengthy reviews and eventually, so it didn’t lead to anything much after hearing myself in a video. As the months went by, the idea of having a well-put-together channel was becoming more like a burden than a passion project. Its just too much for one dude to handle. Hence, I am launching this website, and just try to focus more on writing my reviews. With this website as a priority over making videos, I feel like I can put more stuff in quicker; which is always good thing! Welcome to R-Views (Random Views)!

I did manage to get a video (with the old R-Views logo btw) out on YouTube last year when I got my hands on the iPad Pro 10.5″. I talked about all the usual things you can expect from a YouTube tech review video; an unboxing, comparison to an older model, boasting the new specs, talking about the Apple Pencil, the 120fps screen, and of course how it could potentially replace your laptop.

Over the course of a year, it almost seemed like that for me. I have editing apps, drawing apps, animation apps, music making apps. Whenever I had something I wanted to create, I went for the iPad. Updating my personal website… iPad! Making products to sell online… iPad! Creating elements to use for motion graphics… iPad! Believe me, I tried making everything on that 10.5″ tablet. For sure, the iPadPro is a fast, reliable computer. It can be compared to any professional machine that came out around the first time Adobe Creative Suite came out (yes kids, before there was Creative Cloud, there was the Creative Suite) which means it has the horsepower to handle professional work. Even so, there’s just something about working on a tablet that doesn’t make it feel “finished.” Sure you can buy a keyboard, put in a fancy stylus, have apps that export hi-res work, but there’s just something about it that doesn’t feel complete. It’s like there’s always a looming feeling like “okay, when I’m done editing/drawing on the iPad, I’m gonna finish it off in Premiere/Photoshop.” Starting a new project, especially anything to do with video, feels like a draft because I come in with that mentality, that it still had to go through another desktop software. There was always that extra step you know is bound to happen when working on a tablet. That sort of thinking put me in a position that just wasn’t good for my productivity. Was it the iPad’s fault I wasn’t productive? Not really, but it could easily have been..

Why? See the thing with the iPadPro is, it is and will always be a tablet. I mean, let’s be real – its a giant smartphone at the end of the day. The games are there, Instagram is there, a ton of messaging apps that just notify you constantly. How can you focus on work!? It’s a device meant for consumption. You can use it on a couch, in a car, lying down, or even on a stationary bike. Whatever position, whatever angle, wherever you may be, the tablet rules over a laptop due to it being smaller, and easier to handle. Its a tempting device to use. When you’re in front of both a laptop and a tablet, the latter could easily be pointed out as the “distraction” device. A laptop is also technically a desktop computer, because well, it runs a desktop operating system, and that alone gives it that “I’m ready to work” appeal when you sit in front of it. I don’t know if its the keyboard, the trackpad, or the fact that it has a huge power cord that’s almost always connected to a wall. Whatever it is, the desktop/laptop screams “let’s work” compared to an iPad that screams “let’s play, kill time, and lie on that couch and chill.”

There was a good 6-months or something that I didn’t touch my laptop at all, and I thought then that “Mobile is the way to go!” Keyword – Mobile. My laptop is mobile… something I failed to see. I mean, I’m writing this now in bed. I could easily have gone to a coffee shop or a park to do this and it wouldn’t have made a difference, which makes it mobile, right? If you are considering an iPadPro as your go-to for working while traveling, don’t forget, laptops had that job first.

The iPadPro, even with the new ones that are set to be released, will and always be just a tablet. You can work on it, get all the apps and accessories for it, make it look and feel like a laptop, but it will never be in the same league as a real laptop/desktop. We probably still have a few more years before the real mobile-OS and desktop-OS merger happens. Its almost inevitable that softwares like After Effects and Photoshop will get a makeover for multi-touch based systems, and to be honest, I’m really excited about that. For now though, I’m gonna stick to my laptop for everything else aside from drawing.

As I wrap up this blog post, and seeing my laptop battery drain all the way to %20, I’ll probably write the next one on the iPad. Ate my words right away, eh?

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